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Rehab—toddler style

A few months ago I was wearing the wrong shoes, not paying attention as I walked, and stepped wrong. You guessed it, I rolled my ankle. Thankfully, it didn’t break, but dang, it hurt. I’d abused the tendons and spent a few days limping. No big deal, right? Honestly, I’ve rolled my ankles a hundred times or more during racquetball games. It was one of the ways I knew I needed new court shoes.

Anyway, I rolled my ankle as an…er…older adult, but I treated it as if I were a younger adult. Oops.

Every time any of us do big damage to a part of our body, the body needs to re-train in order to remember exactly where everything is and how it moves together. I was able to get up and walk fairly quickly after my injury. What shocked me is that suddenly, I couldn’t balance as well, I couldn’t easily handle cracks in the pavement anymore, and I was suddenly able to faceplant whenever I stopped paying attention.

So began toddler balance beam practice. To rehab my ankle, I had to go forward, backwards, and sideways on a line. I needed to handle different slants and types of surfaces. In short, I needed to create a whole fun path of balance work to do with my grandchild. Because, you know, I was never going to do it without grandchild incentive.

Look at me now! I can stand on my tippy toes without taking a nosedive!

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