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Play With Me—Distant Grandmother edition

Sadly, my grandkids live several states away from me, but thanks to FaceTime, I’m able to help out some. Whenever my daughter has the kids alone for the evening, she has me FaceTime with the 3 year old while she puts the 1 year old to bed.

This can be nausea-inducing since the 3 year old doesn’t understand about cameras. I’ve looked at the ceiling, the floor, and every bouncing, twisting, cock-eyed angle in between. So to save me from sea-sickness, I’ve started creating a story with her.

Her answers have included herself, her sister, dinosaurs, the Tooth Fairy, airplanes, and a myriad of other things—emphasis on things. She loves giving a personality to inanimate objects. I flow with them all because nothing is more awesome than a toddler’s imagination.

The dinosaur wanted to live with her. The airplane wanted to fly to the moon. The Tooth Fairy needed to get out of the rain. Her sister wanted to give all her toys to her. On and on.

From there I start to take over, telling the tale of the poor wet-logged Tooth Fairy or the airplane who didn’t have enough gas to get all the way to the moon. My granddaughter fills in details as we go and together, we create quite a fun tale. (I did try to get her to share her toys with her sister. It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, but it was her story, and so I let it go as she wanted.)

By the time we’re done, little sister is put to bed and Mommy is ready to get the toddler into her bedtime routine. And happily, she has a great story to tell her mother as they go!

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