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Neat freak? Never!

Neat Freak

When my kids were young, I spoon-fed them food from baby jars. My Chinese mother was against getting messy with food. Well, she really hated messy anything, but food was for eating not play. So I was careful around my…

Rehab—toddler style

Balance Beam

A few months ago I was wearing the wrong shoes, not paying attention as I walked, and stepped wrong. You guessed it, I rolled my ankle. Thankfully, it didn’t break, but dang, it hurt. I’d abused the tendons and spent…

Play With Me—Distant Grandmother edition

Tooth Fairy

Sadly, my grandkids live several states away from me, but thanks to FaceTime, I’m able to help out some. Whenever my daughter has the kids alone for the evening, she has me FaceTime with the 3 year old while she…