Play With Me Cover

Play With Me

Take part in a picnic playdate with this collaborative board book of small learnings and tender moments.

This board book series invites young readers to take part in a playdate activity of their choice, thereby empowering them with autonomy and validation. The picnic playdate models balanced and shared play, creating a positive experience that will provide readers with a reference for what caring and considered friendship looks like.

Many toddlers and preschoolers consistently ask for someone to play with them, and this book provides just that for the quieter moments of the day. Simple language and gentle questions will help children develop their social skills by practicing conversations, all while engaging them in fun and familiar topics.

Praise for Play With Me

 In this creative book, children will have the opportunity to make their own decisions regarding what they want to do and the games they want to play. It gives them a voice and gently guides them throughout the day. I loved that there are a variety of choices and games to choose from. I found the characters kind and fun. Children will also learn how to work and play within a group. The language used is accessible to young readers and the illustrations are vibrant and easy to understand. Play With Me (A Playdate Book) by Kat Chen includes interactive play ideas with options that children can choose from. It is an empowering play guide with well-designed illustrations that children will love.

—Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, 5 stars
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